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Visual Foxpro Web Development

Below you will find links to the most common methods used to take FoxPro data to the web.  Each of the techniques used vary, so do your research and find out what will work best for you. West Wind WebConnect and FoxWeb seem to be the two front runners (at least these two are still being developed).  I have included a few more links for these two technologies then the others.  Two new links that recently came accross are VFP2IIS and FoxInCloud.  Thry the FoxIncloud demo, looks cool.

WebRAD: Building Database Applications on the Web a book by Hentzenwerke publishing focus on using Visual FoxPro and West Wind Web Connect,  it is a must read for anyone interested in using Web Connect.  Next are a bunch of link directly related to West Wind WebConnect: L7 Framework, West Wind Message Board.



Here is a Wiki Link I found useful, Getting Into Internet Programming. If you are looking to get started with some of the current web technologies why don't you go to W3School,  it is a great resource for a wide range of tutorials on topics like  HTML, WAP or SOAP.

Other Tools ActiveVFP and Eeva Webserver (a web server written in VFP). Once you get your server up and running you probably will want to test it.  Here is a great tool to really put your site to the test.  Microsoft Web Application Stress Tool.  It works great but it might be a little difficult to understand at first.  Here is an article written by Rick Strahl that should help.

How about security for the new web site?  Check out this Wiki on SecurityCheckList and  The IISFAQ is also a great resource for information about security and general IIS questions.  What to know where an IP address came from?  Check out ARIN. Check these sites out Webmonkey, Planet Source Code,  and DevGuru. they have information on a lot of different technologies in one stop.

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