Visual FoxPro Tools and Utilities


I had a bunch of stuff here, BUT..... it was so old, it talked about updating your Palm III,  Seriously!!!!

What I will do is break the stuff that I have found into the individual devices and list the general liks here

Code Project - Mobile Development

Multimobile Development: Building Applications for the iPhone and Android Platforms (APress Book)



Here are a bunch of application development tools

Visual WebGUI





WinDev Mobile 






MonoTouh - .Net based development tool for iPhone\iPad development. (Must be run on a Mac and mush have the iPhone SDK).  If you are not going to be using MonoTouch, then your development will most likely be done in Objective C.  Objective C Introduction.

Here is a great iPhone\iPad emulator that will run on Windows, I have used it for testing websites for the iPhone\iPad, works great if you don't have the real thing.


Looking to do some Android development and you already know C#, take a look at Mono for Android from Xamarin.  You can develope a smartphone app using a language that you are already familiar with.

Here is another development option that I recently found, looks promising, Basic4Android.  It is a RAD object oriented programming language (with syntax similar to MS Visual Basic) that compiles down to native code with no runtime licenses to worry about.  If I get some "free" time I will definately look into this one.

Eclipse - Open source development environment for various languages, including Java, that can be used to develop Android applications.

Here is THE site to find anything you need for Android Development.  Once you download the appropriate Android SDK you will be able to run the emulator.  Again I have primarily used it for testing websites.

Android Development Tutorial, this tutorial uses Eclipse.

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