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Here are a few good articles that I have found.  Click on the 'Articles' link to go to the respective links page.  Also check out the Wiki on GoodVFPBooks.
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Miscellaneous Articles by James Booth
Hentzenwerke Publishing Building Middle Tier Object in Visual FoxPro
What's New in Nine: Visual FoxPro's Latest Hists Object Oriented Programming Fundementals
FoxStuff: Mike Lewis Consulting Designing Your Own Framework
dFPUG Articles OLE Drag & Drop
Validation Algorithms Maurice de Beijer
Developing and Debugging Visual FoxPro COM servers
Doug Hennig  
Don't RETURN Inside WITH  
Multiple Monitor Class  
Articles by Rich Strahl
Using VFP COM Objects with Active Server Pages XML Data Services in Distributed Applications
Handling Long Web Request with Asynchronous Request Processing Load Testing Web Applications using Microsoft's Web Application Stress Tool
Vista FoxPro Rendering Issues  
Using the Windows Shell API and Internet Explorer Controls in Visual FoxPro Desktop Applications
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